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About me…

Just a mom with two kids and years of amateur cooking.  I consider myself a creative person.  I enjoy taking risks in the kitchen, but they are usually well calculated ones.  I’m more of a “good for you, good food” sort of person, rather than a gourmet.  I prefer using fresh ingredients over processed, organic over regular.  I prefer cooking over baking any day.  I love shortcuts and finding ways to make things easier without compromising taste.  This blog is dedicated to Tina, my daughter’s BFF who by her own admission is culinarily (if there is such a word) challenged.  She’s newly married, so I decided to share my secrets with her – mostly my favorite recipes – things I cook often that work, but I may also share a bit of my philosophies on life or food facts and trivia I’ve picked up over the years.  Hopefully they will serve her (and whoever else reads this) well.


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  1. As someone who just about burned the house down making party mix last month, I cannot wait to read your blog.

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