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I am a salt aficianado.  Yes, I confess.  I put salt on tons of stuff.  I put salt in my cooking, on my plain pizza, french fries…I draw the line at watermelon though!  Salt enhances what you eat, but should not overwhelm it.  I think my son got my ‘love of all things salt’ gene, because he salts his food to the point where even I say “whoa! that’s enough salt!” (ask his sister, she’ll tell you) 

I’m sure you’ve read all those horrible stories about salt – bad for you, blah.blah.blah. 

*DISCLAIMER* this is my opinion – I am not a doctor, a nutritionist, or anything else – just someone who believes in eating as many unprocessed foods as I can.

Salt has been used for hundreds even thousands of years because of its healing properties – from sore throats, to fungal skin infections, to clearing the sinuses, to dental hygiene, and more.  It was so treasured in the ancient world it was even used as currency. 

Today’s table salt sold in the supermarket is a far cry from the natural salts our ancestors used.   It’s been processed, iodine and sugar added -the ingredients in a box of Morton’s Iodized salt are:  Salt , 1% or less of Calcium Silicate (An Anticaking Agent) , Dextrose , Potassium Iodide.  Some health food enthusiasts blame this for the water retention factors of a high sodium diet.  They believe that for each gram of processed salt you ingest, the body will use over 20 times the amount of cellular water to process it.  Now, if you remember your high school bio (or college) – water out of the cell leads to what? yup.  water retention.  I haven’t seen the studies that support this, but I can tell you, since I switched to sea salt and himalayan salt, I have ZERO problems with any kind of water retention or swelling.

Salt seems to be the seasoning du jour.  Five years ago, you’d walk into the supermarket and all you had to choose from was the cardboard cylinder of good ole’ NaCl (Sodium Chloride).  Today you have pink salt, grey salt, sea salt, rock salt, kosher salt, salt with herbs, black salt, brown salt…a rainbow of colors – each with their own unique flavor.


I use Sicilian sea salt in my cooking.  I love the flavor – to me, it’s saltier than the processed table salt, so I use less…Sicilian sea salt has more magnesium and potassium and less sodium than conventionally processed salts.  I order mine online here – http://www.isolaimports.com/sea-saltdel-destino-fine-pr-194.html yes, I am nuts – but I order two at a time, and they last me a LONG time.

I get my Himalayan sea salt from Trader Joe’s – it’s only $1.99 in a disposable salt mill.  That’s my table salt.  I used to order it online, but it’s cheaper buying it at Trader Joe’s.  If you don’t have one near you – pity.  The himalayan sea salt has a unique flavor to me – a little goes a long way which is why I use it on the table.  Himalayan salt has over 84 minerals and trace elements – nothing is taken from it.  The salt is mined deep in the Himalayan mountains, from salt beds that were oceans AGES ago.  I’m hoping the stuff doesn’t run out anytime soon!
The third salt I use is a seasoned salt also from Italy (do you sense a trend here?) called Seasonello.  Oh.my.God.  This stuff is heaven.  Just open the jar and take a whiff (Tina I sent you some!) you will be amazed.  It’s sea salt with rosemary, garlic, sage, and pepper just to name a few ingredients.  I use this for *everything* (well, almost everything – it would NOT taste good in a pan of brownies – UGH) Try putting it on some popcorn, use it on your pizza, throw it in your tomato sauce, put a sprinkle on some veggies, chicken, the sky is the limit!  This has to be one of the most used and versatile seasonings in my kitchen.  I must confess, sometimes I just go open the jar to take a whiff of that marvelous aroma, and it transports me somewhere far from where I am now…sort of like that old Calgon commercial, where the woman commanded “Calgon! Take me AWAY!” well, Seasonello takes me away to some little sunny cafe in Venice where I am sipping an espresso and breathing in the salt air…there’s a gentle sea breeze, the sun is warm upon my face, and I can hear the gondoliers bantering with each other and singing…ahhh…enough rambling, or else it will turn into babbling, and babbling is bad, because people stop listening, and start wondering about your sanity.
So… be adventurous!  Try nordic smoked salt in your tuna salad, give the different colored salts a spin and see if you can tell the difference, or which you prefer.  I’m firmly entrenched (for now) in my three salts, but I’m thinking of picking up the smoked – it intrigues me, and there is always the possibility of another blog entry!
Ciao for now! 🙂

3 Responses

  1. I never gave salt a second thought! I have SEEN sea salt and kosher salt, but figured it was some snooty stuff for real chefs! Thanks for the lesson. I will try the sea salt…you know, one baby step at a time. LOL

    • LOL you’re welcome! 🙂 I think sea salt is healthier for you, and I prefer the flavor – if there is a Trader Joe’s near you, that would be a good place to start. Their prices are very reasonable.

  2. mmmm salt. jeeze you are like a food genius!

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